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Áo Nhật Bình White - Nhat Binh Outer Top

Áo Nhật Bình White - Nhat Binh Outer Top

Ao Dai by CuteSass

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This listing includes one Outer Nhat Binh Top. A complete Nhat Binh set will include: Inner Ao Tac, Nhat Binh top, silk pants, Phoenix Shoes, and Headband. All are sold separately.

Style: Traditional
Material: Đũi xốp. Non Stretch

Ao Nhat Binh means square-collared garb.

This garment was one of the casual clothes of the empress dowager, empress consorts, and princesses in the imperial city of the Nguyen Dynasty – the last dynasty of Vietnam.

The front of Ao Nhat Binh is decorated with a sculpted gem. The collar has flowers and phoenix patterns. The garb may be plain with one color or can be embroidered with many circular patterns.

On the cuff, there is a strip of five colors: green, red, blue, white, yellow symbolizing the five elements of Earth: wood, fire, water, metal, soil.

Please note:
- Sizing may run 1-2 sizes smaller than American standard sizes, please refer to the sizing charts for sizing.

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Customer Reviews

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Chinh Z
Product was as advertised. Niece love it.

Product was as advertised. Niece love it.

Beautiful and high quality

I am so surprised with the material and quality of workmanship! I can't believe my eyes that it is also layered inside. I was about to purchase similar one but in red @ Dong Ba market in Hue last month while visiting Vietnam. But that one had a stain and no layering inside so I decided not to buy. I was kinda regretting not to get it for my daughter. Return back to the States and I found your website, I took my chance to get this one. My 16 years old girl loves it. I am looking forward to purchase a red ao Nhat Binh whenever you have it available! Thank you for your prompt response regarding the size.

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