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Áo Ngũ Thân Tay Chẽn Set - Red Roses

Áo Ngũ Thân Tay Chẽn Set - Red Roses

Ao Dai by CuteSass

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This set includes one Ao Dai Top, Pants, 1 matching headband
Style: Traditional
Material: Đũi xốp. Non Stretch

Áo ngũ thân- "five-body top” is made of 5 body of fabric and has five buttons.

Five bodies of the robe represent the 5 noble morals of human beings: “tứ thân phụ mẫu” meaning “parents of both husband and wife”, and self.

Five buttons symbolizes 5 qualities “ngũ thường” (humanity - respect - justice - wisdom - loyalty), five relationships “ngũ luân” (king - people, father-son, husband-wife, brotherhood, friendship)

Wearing Ao Ngu Than is a reminder of living a good and meaningful life, and what principles we should follow.

This Ao Dai is a perfect blend of tradition and fashion.

Our design keeps the traditional shape of áo ngũ thân: a loose body, flowier toward the bottom, and a half moon shape cut, while venturing bravely into new and innovative colors and patterns.

Our mission is not just to create a cheerful, bright look and fit, but also to bring classy yet comfortable Ao Dai for you to wear anywhere.

The sets comes with a top, pants and a handmade headband.

Please note:
- Sizing may run 1-2 sizes smaller than American standard sizes, please refer to the sizing charts for sizing.

We are proud to provide you with the highest quality fabric, handpicked modest colors, wide-range of designer styles and sizes. At Ao Dai byCuteSass, you will find:
- Unique Designer Styles
- Designer Highest quality material, ranging from premium chiffon to real silk
- New and wide range of designs
- We provide accurate sizings and support sizing exchange

Ao Dai by CuteSass
IG: @aodaibycutesass
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